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Preschool programs to choose from:

Option A. (Half Day):
Our half day program includes our core curriculum time within all of the classrooms.We offer our half day option with lunch and our exercise program.  The children learn stretches that help our bodies grow, play games that enhance their gross motor skills, and engage in fun fit exercises with one another, as well as bring a lunch to enjoy with friends of all different ages.  This program runs from 8:30-12:30.

Option B. (School Day):
Our School Day program is from 8:30-3:00.  This includes all of the above as well as our afternoon program.  Students who stay for a full day have story time, nap time, dance, arts and crafts, and outside play time.  We recommend this program for all students because it gives them the opportunity to meet new children that may not be in their class and begin to form wonderful new friendships all while having tons of fun!

Option C. (Full Day):
Our Full Day option is has everything our School Day option has as well as some extra small group time during Early Drop and Extended Pick-up.  Full Day's are from 7am-5pm.

For our 3's we offer a three day, four day, or five day a week program.  

For our Pre-K 4's we offer a four day or five day a week program.  

Early drop: 7-8:30am                     Extended pick-up: 3-5pm

(​as we continue to expand our school hours are flexible)