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About Allwood Play and Learn
Allwood Play and Learn is a family owned and operated preschool located in the Allwood Community Church in Clifton, NJ. The school has been in existence for over 50 years and has been owned by Ashley Anderson since 2004. 

We believe strongly in the importance of play 
and the benefit children have in learning through play.  Children at our school have opportunities for play every day, while also following our daily curriculum and learning letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and a weekly theme.  

All of our classes learn through art, practicing fine motor skills, story time, projects, and music and movement 


Our school is comprised of 4 classrooms:

A - Half Day 3's begin at 2 1/2 year olds. This class is available for anyone that would be turning 4 and staying with us in our Pre-K 4's class before going to Kindergarten. These friends are working on their Social-Emotional skills, recognizing their written name, sharing, following multiple step directions, strengthening fine motor skills, and encouraging independence. 

B - Our Full Day 3's are comprised of friends 2 1/2 to turning 4 after October 1st typically through June (depending on enrollment).  Our older 3's are working on most of the same things as our younger 3's with extra letter recognition and some additional fine motor skills.

C & D - We have 2 Full Day Pre-K 4 classrooms.  Our Pre-K 4's friends are working all year on Kindergarten readiness.  In our Pre-K 4 class children are learning upper and lower case letter recognition and eventually writing these letters independently, and finally stringing together to form simple sight words.  They are learning letter sounds, number recognition and writing numbers, recognizing and writing first and last names, address and phone number, sequencing, rhyming, rote counting, same and different, following multiple step directions, age appropriate play and socialization, expanding on concepts and themes being discussed, and much much more!

E - Half Day Aftercare is for our biggest friends that are in Kindergarten - 3rd grade. We will be offering socialization, homework help, virtual log-ins, snack, and outdoor play for these friends in the afternoons, that are currently on a shortened or virtual school day at another location.

Our goal is to prepare every child as much as possible and they grow and mature.  We prepare them socially, emotionally, and academically to move up to the next class and to eventually graduate and move on to Kindergarten!