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Allwood Play and Learn's Health & Safety Guidelines 
We are working diligently on implementing several new policies and procedures outlined in our reopen. Please keep in mind life post covid19 will be different, but we will do everything in our power to ensure Allwood Play and Learn is a Happy, Helathy, and SAFE place to learn and have fun! We can not wait to see all of your little faces again, to laugh and sing and dance with you again, and to begin our new chapter of life with all of you!

We have staggered our pickup and drop off times to ensure there is no crowding at peak times.  Upon arrival, every child’s temperature individually before walking that child inside the facility to wash hands and report to class.
We have installed sinks in every classroom so hand washing is truly our number one priority! We wash hands several times throughout our day (upon arrival, before and after all meals, after playground, after art, after any coughs or sneezes, and many other times)
We have removed half of the chairs from each classroom to allow for more space between children when seated and have made our centers more spacious. Each classroom has a specific set of classroom toys that only that classroom will have access to each day as well as specific bathroom times, playground times, and hallway times to minimize contact between classes.
The health & safety of our friends and staff is our #1 priority!

As a licensed preschool, our normal daily cleaning routine is pretty intense. We will continue to sanitize tables and chairs before/after every use, sanitize toys after every use, remove any toys placed in mouths from the classroom immediately for sanitation, and sanitize all surfaces below 4 feet (the height of the walls little hands reach to the ground) throughout the day. Bathrooms will be cleaned between every transition and as needed in-between (this means after morning friends / before school starts, between groups at morning drop off, between necessary classroom hand washing / bathroom times, before during and after lunch, between shifts of nap friends, and throughout our afternoon). Playground toys will be limited each day and sanitized / rotated between every use. In addition to cleaning procedures we will take some additional precautions by removing soft surfaces (stuffed animals, dress up clothes, soft babies, pillow seating) just like we would do during a potential flu or lice situation. 
All of our staff are wearing face coverings at all times.  Face coverings are required to be brought by all students, but are currently not necessarily worn all day.  We are asking all of our families to practice and promote wearing a face covering during pickup and drop off, and we are practicing wearing our face coverings during transitions times and other whole group activities.
Face Coverings
Daily Cleaning